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We carry out all kinds of repairs in record time

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Our team will be happy to assist you in all your daily needs


Our active listening and strategic monthly meetings help us understand your changing needs


We will think intelligently and strategically when and how we can improve or implement what was agreed in our sessions


We develop custom parts, eliminating all friction elements and saving you hundreds of hours of work.

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Leave your boat in our hands throughout the year and we will give you the best prices on the market

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Business consulting on the maintenance, repair and management of all types of yachts and boats

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239 Ratings
YACHT MODUS catered our maintenance consultancy to different types of decision makers on our side. They were very deep and technical for some, while keeping them easy to understand for others. Very impressed with how they were able to answer every question we threw at them.
"It's not often that I come across people who really understand how to run a boat maintenance and repair company, YACHT MODUS yes. With an added focus on retention and LTVs, they outperform most other consulting specialists in the marine vessel business."
Eddie Johnson
“When it comes to boat consultants, the first company I turn to is YACHT MODE. His team cut through the bullshit and get right to the point with the goal of making you more money. Work with them"
Jonathan Doe
“Also very nimble/entrepreneurial and showed a strong willingness to evolve our working relationship to focus on what was producing desired results.”
Mike Edward